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Hey everyone! We need your help to create the best party game ever!

Introducing… What The Plot?!

How does it work?

1.) Take a Prompt Card.

Ex. ’Tell us about the time a vampire hit on you.‘ 

2.) You have one minute to bullshit a story.

After the minute is up, the player next to you needs to continue your story and so on. 

However! There is also a pile of cards each with three words on it. Every turn you draw a card and have to use one of the three words from it in your story. Ex. breadstick, cactus, werewolf.’ If you don’t use one of the words during your turn, you lose points. If you can’t continue the story then you also lose points. And if your story is really awful, other players can play the ‘Boo Card’, causing you to lose a catastrophic amount of points. The player who is not the worst wins!

We have already found a supplier and a distribution center in both the US and Europe. We really want to know what you think. Let’s create this game together and make it the best it can possibly be. Are you in?

Please make this a thing. I’d soooo get this!!

where can I get updates???

Suggestion to call it: 

What The Plot?! – A party game for people who like to talk sh*t

^ Genius

This is an awesome concept! An alternative rule could be instead of losing points, people could also maybe take a sip of their drink, it would make the stories even more entertaining. I would definitely play this as a drinking game with my friends!

We need your input! We need more Prompt Cards and really need your help in shaping this game over the next couple of weeks before we launch! [Dec, 2019]

Click here to give feedback and to sign up to help create this party game!

A keepsake from the war.


An inevitable part of NaNoWriMo is the naysayers. The best thing to do is pretend they don’t exist, but we writers are sensitive souls, and sometimes it can get to us. In this post, NaNoWriMo participant Nicole Luttrell gives her thoughts on writing in spite of negativity:

You’re all ready to participate in Nanowrimo. Maybe it’s your first time, maybe you’re a veteran. Whichever point you’re at, you are stoked. You are so excited for a month of word nerd sister and brotherhood, of putting your writing first. Of getting your novel done! Or at least 50,000 words of it done. I mean, if you write fantasy or something else pretty long then you might still have some work to do.

But that’s not the point here.

The point is that, invariably, there will be people in your life who do not, cannot understand Nanowrimo.

And because they cannot understand it, you’re likely to get a lot of this.

“What are you doing?”

“Why are you letting someone else set these arbitrary deadlines?”

“You’re never going to finish it.”

“You’re wasting your time.”  

“You’re never going to do anything with it.”

“Do you know the odds of getting published? You’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery.”

I know that this is what you’ll hear because I’ve heard it all. Especially the first year I participated. Most people were super supportive. But there were a few who just couldn’t let me be. They pestered me, harassed me, and made me feel guilty for participating. And thank God, I didn’t listen.

It’s always the same sort of person, at least for me. It’s a well-meaning friend. It’s the intrusive relative that thinks you need to grow up and focus on the real world.

The worst offender, though, is the one who reminds you how full your plate is. You have classwork, kids, a full-time job, a house to keep in order, a relative who just had hip surgery. You’re already hustling, already tired, already doing so much! What are you doing adding more on top of things? This is particularly nefarious because it sounds uncomfortably like the little voice in your own head, the one telling you to forget it and catch up on Stranger Things instead.

Forget that. No one’s opinion is going to pay your bills. It sure isn’t going to help you reach your dreams either.

I want you to understand something, especially if you’re a brand new writer. Yes, writing a book is hard. It’s a long, long road. Whether you self publish or seek traditional publishing, it’s a lot of long nights, getting up early to write. And here’s the really bad part. You can be a great writer, and you can try your absolute best. And you still might not get published. But you have zero chance, absolutely none at all, if you don’t finish your novel. And yeah, the odds are against you, the competition is fierce.

But trying and failing beats never trying every time. So don’t listen to the people who tell you that you can’t do this, that you’re wasting your time. Look, I’m assuming that you’re here because you love to write. And if you love how you’re spending your time then it is never a waste.

Write on.

Nicole is a speculative fiction writer. That means she writes about dragons, ghosts and spaceships. Sometimes she writes about the ghosts of dragons and spaceships. She’s the author behind Station 86 and Woven. Follow along with her adventures and reviews of all things geeky at Paper Beats World.

Check out her books:

Broken Patterns on Amazon

Seeming on Smashwords

Top image licensed under Creative Commons from Adam on Flickr.

Every November, during National Novel Writing Month, thirty professional designers volunteer to create book cover art inspired by novels being written by aspiring authors from around the globe. Why? To encourage new, diverse voices, and help build a more creative world.  

30 Covers, 30 Days is presented in partnership with designer and author Debbie Millman.

Day 14 finds us with another cover:

Amberina Glass

Cover design by Marvin Forte based on a novel by NaNoWriMo Participant 

Shelley JoAnn Brown-Pruett:

Amberina Glass is a widowed school teacher with red hair, a heart of gold, and a Pinkerton badge pinned to her brassiere. Trying to survive on her own during the Great Depression has inspired her to take on extra work, and she is hired by the agency to infiltrate the lives of workers in the local auto plants and identify possible union organizers. When tensions rise around the city and the National Guard is called in to keep the peace, Amberina’s heart of gold is called into question as she finds herself (and her students) at the center of violence during the Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1936-7.

Cover Design by Marvin Forte

I’m Marvin Forte, the “why?” guy. I specialize in creative, intuitive design that’s simple and elegant. I’m a graphic and web designer living in the greater Portland, Oregon area. I’ve worked in print since 1988 and the web since 1998. My designs have bolstered projects for the Greater Columbus Sports Commission, Major League Baseball, the NCAA Final Four, and the San Francisco Giants. I’m a former president of AIGA Arizona, and served on the AIGA Chapter Advisory Council.

Check out more of his work here, or get in touch with him via his website!

Head on over the forums! There might be a fun surprise waiting over there.

(Hint: It’s a discussion thread).

Now you rise,
a city from the sea,
born long before Alexandria was,
straightway from God you have come
into your redeeming skin.

Very simply, he wanted to see her.


Every November, during National Novel Writing Month, thirty professional designers volunteer to create book cover art inspired by novels being written by aspiring authors from around the globe. Why? To encourage new, diverse voices, and help build a more creative world.  

30 Covers, 30 Days is presented in partnership with designer and author Debbie Millman.

It’s day 13, everyone!


Cover design by Holly Aguilar, based on a novel by Young Writers Program participant Meg Paulson:

Claire, a sophomore, attends Willow Creek High School, except it isn’t what it seems. Set up by the government, the students learn to develop superpowers. When Claire becomes too powerful, she develops a dangerous enemy. Now, grades, archenemies, and making friends are the least of her worries.

Cover design by Holy Aguilar


Holly Aguilar is an award-winning designer and illustrator, so if anyone does judge your book by its cover, she’s got you…covered. By day, Holly is a Design Director at Balcom Agency, the largest marketing firm in Fort Worth, Texas. Learn more about the Balcom Agency on their website.

Holly is so great that she went out of her way to design an alternate cover! Check it out:


And also, join us over on the forums to discuss the cover, etc.

“If anyone has a reason that these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Five different people burst into the chapel from different entrances, each with a different objection.

Everyone has a book that holds every lie you were ever told. Once you open it though, the book dissapears for ever. You met the love of your life, but you think that he is lying to you. You start feeling the urge to open the book.