And they drank well, and the field marshal rec…

And they drank well, and the field marshal recovered completely and left feeling extremely merry.


You’re a ghost’s apprentice who turns off the lights when they haunt places.


The leader of the world’s largest gang, an eight year old with powers beyond imagination, and a hitchhiker go on a road trip to overthrow the government.


You and your friends decide to try and summon a demon at your sleepover. You are completely stunned when your mother appears in the middle of the room when the ritual is finished.


You are born into a world where on their 18th birthday, people gain the ability to shape shift but also are legally required to get a unique bar code tattoo for crime identifying. On your 18th birthday, you shape shift for the first time, only to find your tattoo morphs along with it.




The four horsemen of the apocalypse were summoned too soon and decided to blend in with humans until they were actually needed. To facilitate this, they adopted a little girl. Write about her life.

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writing-prompt-s: These are back until the 29t…


These are back until the 29th!

Being a writer: Hoodie | Sweatshirt | Women’s Tee | Tee | Mug
Being an artist: 

Hoodie | Sweatshirt | Women’s Tee | Tee | Mug


Write how someone finally snapped while working in retail and how they became the worlds greatest villain.


Your heart transplant goes perfectly successful, and you leave the hospital with a new and healthy organ. But there’s one thing you don’t know—your donor? A demon.


You’re in a movie theater watching an action film, and realize you are in a theater filled with villains when they laugh along to the bad guys plans….