It’s time to invite her in.

It’s time to invite her in.


You’ve been traveling the world you’re whole life. Seeing every country and meeting all the people. You’ve tried several new things every single day. Generally leading an incredibly full life. But then, all of a sudden, after another day of new things, you see some words appear in front of your eyes: “100% completed. New game+ and creative mode have now been unlocked”

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My favourite things about Scrivener

1. Navigation. You can see all your chapters, scenes, character & setting planning at one glance and switch between them very easily – compared to scrolling up and down in one long word processing document. Every file can also be a folder, so you can have collapsible items underneath it.

2. Word count targets. The “Project Targets” are particularly useful for NaNoWriMo so you don’t have to keep looking back at the website to see how you’re doing for the day, but more so outside of it, when you want to keep yourself working to a target but don’t have Nano’s charts and daily word counts. It also gives you a nice ding when you hit your session target.

3. How many pages? I only recently discovered this, but it’s very nice to be able to see in Project Statistics approximately how big your manuscript would be in pages without worrying about formatting. 

4. Outlining. Scrivener has two methods of outlining – one is Corkboard, which is exactly what it sounds like, a digital corkboard with notes pinned on it that represent your chapters/scenes with their summaries. The screenshot above is called ‘outliner’ and lists collapsible chapters/scenes with various statistics you can select as shown in the tick menu. Generally I prefer Corkboard, but Outliner is useful if you just want to see everything in a clear order. 

5. Full screen. I get distracted very easily when writing, so the full-screen writing mode is wonderful for me to avoid that – but you can still choose certain windows from the normal Scrivener view to show up. I have my targets and my summary, so I can stick to my plan when I’m writing and also see what progress I’m making.

6. Notes. No screenshot, but it’s a simple post-it note style box to the side of every document (chapter, scene, character etc.) that allows you to add notes. This may sound very simple, but it’s far more useful than I’d expected. During NaNoWriMo when I’m not meant to be editing at all, but I know something needs fixing, I will jot down something in the side like ‘Take out the horse’ so that when I go through again to edit I know exactly the things to focus on immediately but which would have taken too much time before. It’s linked to the scene so I don’t just have a pile of notes in one document at the end and then have to work out where it needs fixing.


I downloaded Scrivener for the first time two years ago, and now I can’t imagine working without it. It’s so nice to have the planning and the writing all combined into one place where I can easily switch between the two. I haven’t yet got as far in a novel created in Scrivener to use the compile features so I can’t comment on those, but so far all my experiences of it have been good.

One thing to note is that if transferring project between a Windows and a Mac version of Scrivener, it’s generally best to zip the file first.

[Screenshots from my current novel Kindling Ashes using the Mac version of Scrivener – some features may not be available in Windows yet.]

I use Scrivener religiously. Well worth the money I spent on it, honestly. My drafting and planning style was basically unadulterated chaos before this program.

I’ve used Scrivener for years now, and can’t imagine using any other word processor for fiction writing ever again.

You can get Scrivener here.

I wrote my thesis using Scrivener and it was SO HANDY at keepinh everything in one place

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I’ve had this for years now and it’s an amazing program. 10/10 would recommend

It even does screenplay and scripts formats


A demon gets assigned to a human to persuade them into doing bad deeds to get them into hell. And it starts getting real frustrating when this human is the imbodiment of sunshine and just keeps. Being. Nice.


Your whole life you have been running away from Death. As a baby, you crawled away from black robes. As a child, you hid away from his scythe. As a teenager, you ran from his bone hands. Finally, as an adult, you decided to confront him, and finally you learn what he vowed to never tell you.


You live alone at your house. One day, you wake up and have to use the bathroom. You start to open the door only to have it pushed closed from the other side. “Don’t you knock?”, says an voice which you don’t recognize.



Image prompt

‘Since you put it that way…&rsquo…

‘Since you put it that way…’

The sound was not unlike the rumble of a dista…

The sound was not unlike the rumble of a distant drum, but Shayne’s mind was occupied with other things and he paid no heed to it.


Today you‘ve heard someone mention soulmate-flowers in a song. Confused you turn to your soulmate, asking what that means. They look at you worried and a bit dumbfounded. „The flowers you start to see, when you are around your soulmate“, they explain slowly. You have never ever seen these flowers as far as you can remember.