I’m writing a story about two girls in highschool, A and B. They just found out that there’s a secret organization in the school ran by deliquents. They were threatened not to tell anyone or else the organization would reveal some of their horrible secrets in the past. A is terrified because this would ruin her reputation as a good student, but B isn’t. She’s planning on writing an exposée in the school paper (to get all the glory of cracking a huge case). But A and B are getting closer [1/2]

I’m planning to make B choose between A and the glory, and I need help on the reason why B would insist on wrting the exposée, even when they’re already close (without A knowing of course), up until the very moment she would have to make the choice. I’d really appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks! [2/2]

Greed. Selfishness. Fulfillment of some deep desire for power.  

I’m going to start this off with pseudo-case study. If you look at the social climate in some of the top univeristies in the United States, I guarantee that you will find students who are willing to sabotage their classmates for the sake of their own well being. It makes for a terrible environment, but when the stakes are high, some people will do anything to make themselves come out on top. Whether that be cheating, unplugging their roommate’s alarm clock, or purposely destroying a curve. That isn’t true for every student and every university, but people like that do exist. 

If B has the chance to write an

exposé that may increase her credibility, or gives her a chance at rising in the ranks at the school paper, she may be blinded by her own selfishness. In her eyes, the pros of writing the piece may outweigh the cons of possibly losing a friend. People aren’t always rational thinkers. If a person is motivated enough to betray one of their close friends, they will do it. Human beings are selfish creatures by nature– being selfish is a trait that is explained in part by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Survival of the fittest, doing whatever it takes to get ahead.

Rebekah has answered a few[1,2] questions in the past about writing stories in the high school setting. I highly suggest that you read them over.

xx Sarah