You come home one day to find a monster, beaten and bleeding, lying in your bedroom.  It’s the monster under your bed, and something has kicked it out.  Something much worse.

I sat there staring at this dark and twisted figure laying on my floor.  A dark goo trail led from under my bed to where it was now slouched against the wall across from it.  I’m pretty sure I was holding my breath as I locked eyes with it, a tired and pained expression in those eerie green eyes.  A gurgling cough broke the tense atmosphere, more of that black goo leaked from its fang filled mouth.  Oh god, that goo is it’s blood, its bleeding.

This though propelled me into my bathroom, grabbing the first aid kit I had stored there.  Rushing over to the injured….patient, I dropped to my knees and started to treat the wounds that I could see.  The occasional hiss of pain from the patient made me flinch as I cleaned and bandaged its cuts.  After I was done, we sat together in silence, waiting for something to break the silence.

“You always did have a soft spot for injured creatures.” A deep and raspy voice rumbled out.  I looked up at the patient, a small smile on its face.  “No matter if it scared you, you always want to help.  You’ve been like this ever since you were a little girl.”  It lifted a large clawed hand and pet me lightly on the head.   Surprisingly I didn’t flinch this time, something about it made me feel safe now.  The atmosphere was no longer tense, it was calm and comfortable. 

“Who are you? How did you get hurt?” My voice was soft as it continued to gently pet my head.  It stopped moving at my question, the smile gone and a grim frown now marred its face.  It sighed, a deep sound like wind in an empty canyon. 

“I am the monster under your bed,” It began, my eyebrows shooting upwards at its answer.  I thought those were just scary stories to tell kids, but here one was sitting in front of me.  “My kind are assigned to a child, we follow them until they have children of their own.  We protect them from darker beings, those who wish to harm you.”  This made it clear why I felt so comfortable with it, I subconsciously recognized it as my monster.  But who wants to harm me? 

 As if sensing my inner questions, it began again, returning to pet my head once more as it spoke.  “We are the ones who protect you at night, we protect your dreams.  Guardian Angels can only work during the day, so we are the ones who watch over you at night.”  So guardian Angels are real too, at this point I’m not surprised.  It shifted slightly, grunting slightly at the pain it’s wounds caused it.  “But something is wrong, the nightmares are growing stronger.  That’s why I’m here.”  He looked into my eyes with a sad and worried expression.“A nightmare has driven me from under your bed, it’s after you.  I am breaking many rules by letting you see me at this age, children often forget their monsters as they grow.  But circumstances have changed, if their are more of these things out there, then children and adults alike are in danger.”It gripped my shoulder with one of his large hands, a serious expression and sharp eyes looked at me.  “I need your help.  Without you I am powerless, we get our power from your dreams.  I need to get back under that bed and back to my realm to warn the others and take care of these super nightmares.  I need you to dream, dream as you sleep and as you are awake.  If you do this I can take you with me.  I don’t want to leave you alone with this thing so close.  Will you do this, will you join me?”I didn’t know what to say, it wanted me to go into the monster realm with him to beat up these nightmare things.  But if I didn’t, others could pay the price.  With that thought in mind, I knew the answer.  I couldn’t let others be in pain, I don’t like others being hurt.  If I could help, I would.  I nodded my head, smiling at my monster as he gave a large toothy grin back.  Looks like I’m going on an adventure.