You’re told you can go free if you say one thing that is objectively true within 10 seconds. A smart person would say “2+2=4” but you said “all living birds can fly!” Someone had mercy on you and gave you a week to prove it.

“ALL LIVING BIRDS CAN FLY!?” You yell at the top of your lungs, you weren’t fast enough to think over your statement. Penguins. The being stares at you for a few seconds as you smile nervously waiting for your time to tick down.

“I’m a fucking idiot.” You slam your hand onto your face breaking your glasses when the timer reached one second. The figure standing in front of you nodded half heartedly.

“That is true, you are an idiot to think all birds can fly, and to break your glasses.” The figure’s fuzzyness becomes readily apparent to your terrible vision. “You can go free.” Immeaditly as the words leave its mouth you feel something slam into your gut as you are teleported back to your home. At least you are free.