This week for our #NaNoFlashback fundraising drive, we’re…

This week for our #NaNoFlashback fundraising drive, we’re looking back at important moments of NaNoWriMo history. In 2006, we finally felt like a household name when we got our first New York Times crossword shout-out. Feeling inspired by that event, we’ve created our own NaNoWriMo crossword puzzle!

Clues: Across

1. Inner _____
4. Place to find writing advice articles
9. A writer’s athletic challenge
11. The most-associated month
14. Place for kids’ novels, for short
16. You! (A NaNo participant)
18. Online group noveling hour, for short
21. A trip down memory lane: #_____
22. A helpful writing dinosaur (and something of a YouTube star)
23. The month it all started in 1999
25. Inspiring missives from authors

Clues: Down

1. East Bay _____: 2001 NaNoWriMo article publication
2. 122 _____: The original “Nat’l Novel Writing Mo.” clue in the Times
3. Writing prompt challenge
4. Chris _____, founder of NaNoWriMo
5. Virtual writing group
6. Chief features on NaNoWriMo headgear
7. Number of participants the first year of NaNoWriMo
8. Traditional # of words needed to “win”
10. New, distracting novel idea
12. Places to chat with fellow writers
13. _____ NaNoWriMo: a place to play
15. Laptop adornments
17. “No plot? No _____!”
19. Mr. Ian _____
20. NaNo HQ, originally
24. Leaders of regions, for short

View the answers to the crossword puzzle here. Crossword created with the help of