10 Tips to Keep You Writing


What do you do after that first spark of inspiration fades away? Today, Camp NaNoWriMo Participant Shalom Goodrich offers some helpful hints on how to keep writing when you feel stuck:

Are you positively out of creative popsicles? No more new goggles to try? Well, here are ten tips on how to snap out of that catnap and start fighting for writing!

1. Take a walk. No matter how boring it may sound, it really will help. Just breathe deeply and take in the nature (or city sights) around you.

2. Read a chapter of a book. Some good ones to inspire creativity are The Hunger Games, Under the Lilacs, Insignificant Events In the Life of a Cactus (one of my personal favorites), or Bruchco.

3. Write about your day, good or bad, for at least ten minutes. Or, you can make up a word, then write a story that includes the word. Then go back to working on your project.

4. Play a board game with a friend. Boggle, Stratego, and any memory game are all good brain teasers.

5. Watch a video on how to make an origami bookmark. Then do it three times. Set yourself a creative task with clear instructions where you can let your mind wander a little.

6. Paint a picture of a scene in your book. If you find that this is feeling good and inspiring, choose another scene!

7. Do something else and let your brain rest. Pick an activity as different from writing as you can possibly get.

8. Take a nap. If you are tired, that can really affect your writing (sometimes it can be good; more often than not it’s bad).

9. Listen to the Pirates of Penzance soundtrack on either spotify or youtube. It’s really funny and interesting, something to take your mind off writing and leave it refreshed. If you can, watch the movie.

10. Take a bike ride, go swimming, or run around the neighborhood. Similar to taking a walk, use up some energy and refresh your brain.

I often encounter writer’s block after finishing a large event in my writing, when I try to start a different novel or a new chapter. For me, it’s so hard to start, but the best way to cope with this is to start writing and don’t stop. You can always go back and edit it again. 

Shalom Goodrich lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the oldest child out of six and currently enjoys writing, baking all kinds of stuff, and going on pointe at ballet well as biking two and a half miles there and back. She self-published one novel, Jewelvaria, which is available at lulu.com

Top photo by photo-nic.co.uk nic on Unsplash.