4 Tips to Stay Zen While Editing


So, you’ve said a tearful so long to your cabin mates. It’s time to go “home” now. Camp NaNoWriMo has been an amazing experience. All your hard work has paid off. But, it isn’t over, yet. Now, comes the truly fun part—Revision and Editing! Today, YWP Participant Joy Wambeke offers some helpful hints on making the revision process less painful and more fruitful: 

I know how tough it is to write your entire first draft. 

You go over it, fix grammar mistakes, go over it again, fix more mistakes, go over it again, replace, delete, add fresh sentences, paragraphs, then fix more mistakes, and still go over it again. Then, when you think it’s in good shape, you have someone else read it only to find there are more mistakes, and some things don’t make sense. Then you have to repeat all of the above, until you finally end up with a polished draft.

That’s what I did for my book, and I still have lots of grammar mistakes and some things still don’t make much sense. But the point I’m trying to make is that I DID IT! Even though you have to go through a whole lot of trouble to make your book what it is, it’s worth it! Winner or not (this time), when all is said and done, YOU DID IT!

So, here is some advice for getting through all the messy revision process:

1. Rest

You can have a break. You don’t need to be on it all the time (although if you take too long, you’ll never finish it).

2. Think

Think about how well you want your book fixed up.

3. Meditate and/or Sleep 

This is pretty close to number one, but targeted on two different kinds of rest. You will need your sleep as much as possible. Go to bed on time and if you can, sleep in or take an afternoon nap. Meditating helped me a lot when I got frustrated with my work. I would search for a video, some poses of yoga or I would just stretch and listen to calming music.

4. Motivation 

I found that if you tape up posters of inspirational quote on how to keep going or how good it feels at the end around where your working so then when you look around, you’ll get motivated to keep going and not give up.

I hope you come out with a great book!

Joy is 12 years old and started writing at 5. Joy has written one book so far (other than little short stories) called “Living in Boredom”.

Top photo by dorota dylka on Unsplash.