Author: The final sentence.

You can still bring down monsters.

Watch now, as I turn your ships to wrecks, your armies into nothingness, how I bring a tidal wave of magic down onto your forest, how I take this love you left to rot inside me and turn it into a savage thing from my own happily ever after’s treasury.

And from a sleeping beauty, she becomes a woken princess, rules her father’s kingdom with precision and kindness, till in old age, her day is finally done.

You see, where others
were only taught love to defend
themselves and had to learn
the hard way how to survive,
her mother taught her
how to breathe fire
so that if they ever
threw her to the wolves
she could set their
heart aflame.

I have always loved
being the beast.

Darkling magic is coursing through those veins,
turn it into kindling, my resourceful girls,
find one another in the fog realm,
wake each other up instead.

Still the house-heart,
sturdy as you make it,
finds a way to crumble.

He would rather face giants
than the tragedy of a vicious parent.

He was warning them
about what the wolf in him
was about to do.

You just need to unfold your heart
and recognize where you stand
and who you are.