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When a person dies, they reincarnate into the creature they’ve killed the most in their life. But this is not the tale of people trying to influence what they’ll reincarnate into.

This is the story of one person’s quest to figure out how the hell they ended up reincarnating into a ruler of the Fay court.

At a ball, a princess falls in love with the prince of a far-off kingdom and goes on a journey to find him again. But when she reaches the kingdom, all she finds is centuries-old ruins.

If sunsets symbolize an end, and sunrises symbolize a beginning, what happens at night?

Two alien species decided to invade earth, unbeknownst to the other. To better understand their enemy (humans), they both send undercover agents disguised as people in an attempt to better understand earth culture. Describe the hilarity that ensues when the two aliens end up as roommates and must convince the other that they are, in fact, a “Normal Human.”






I recently started journaling and for some reason I feel a lot less anxious and I get things done?

Taking a few minutes out of your day to journal is a great mindfulness practice that helps you focus your thoughts, reduce stress, and help you achieve your goals! Not many people do it because it looks like you are wasting your time but it saves so much time and makes your life so much better! I recommend all my followers to buy a journal and keep up the practice for at least a week. You will notice a positive change in your life. Guaranteed!

If you are more like me and don’t like staring at a blank page then please check out the Morning Sidekick Journal by Habitnest! I got my journal during their Kickstarter campaign and have been using it ever since! It’s a journal that helps you implement healthy habits and win your morning. They also have other journals for meditation, nutrition, and weightlifting. But just look at this <3


Before I started journaling I was always stressed and directionless and maybe this sounds a bit silly but

I am actually conquering my life now!

Check out their website here:


Journaling is one of the best habits to have because it makes implementing other habits a lot easier. It keeps your focussed.

Here is a list of habits that could improve your life (with links):

Where has this been all my life

You have the gift of seeing angels. Two things to note: one, they look more monstrous than “angelic,” and two; they gush all over us because they think we are the cutest beings ever.

Monsters are real and roam the earth, and so do monster hunters. A hunter has fallen in love with a monster and must find a way to keep his boyfriend safe from the other hunters while also trying to not be labeled as a traitor to humanity.

Everyone has a red wire tied to their finger that leads to their soulmate. Today, you had to cut the wire.

You’re a stoner. You do it because you’re sad and lonely. However one day, your mind imagines this person to help you get by. Said person really is just a thief that only comes in when you’re stoned, but you’re too dumb to notice that..

You wake up, it’s dark. Your apartment is freezing. You remove the blankets off from on top of you and a shock wave of cold zips up your spine. You look out your window and see it… just… there looking at you.