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Everyone is haunted by a ghost once they reach a certain age. Most people get a grandparent or ancestor. You are being haunted by the ghost of Oscar Wilde


You awake in a blank, white room. In front of you is an entity sitting boredly at a desk, typing away at a laptop.

“Excuse me,” You ask awkwardly. “Where–”

“You’re dead,” The entity cuts you off flatly. “I was just doing your paperwork, wait a second will you?” You nod, a little dazed.

“Could I–” You start warily. The entity side-eyes you. “I mean, would it be possible for me to… not be dead? Go back to being alive and such?” It’s a pathetic attempt, and probably won’t work, but you’ve got to try, right?

“Sure.” The entity says, gesturing to the door. “Less paperwork for me.”

Well. You hadn’t expected that.



“Why doesn’t everyone do this?”

“No one asks.”


You’ve lived your entire life on Mothership, as have hundreds others on its seemingly endless journey through the stars. All you’ve ever known is the gentle humming of the engines and the darkness outside.


You, bored and wanting to write something, made up a Greek deity and made a post about them online, claiming it to be a piece of ‘obscure mythology’. The post starts trending, and then one day the god springs fully formed from your laptop


You buy a brand new laptop and begin setting it up. There are three folders on the desktop labeled “data collection,” “backups,” and “DO NOT OPEN.”

How to keep living



  1. Put the gun down and clear it. It helps to take it a step further and disassemble it
  2. Tear up the note, you won’t be needing it.
  3. Clean yourself up and run a bath. Using Epsom salt and frankincense can help make it more special and help you relax.
  4. Put on your favorite music or show and let it run. The sillier the better.
  5. Call someone you trust and see if they can come over. Company is always good.
  6. Put some hot food in you. You’ll think better on a full stomach.
  7. Take a big deep breath, and take the day head-on.
  8. Catch a good case of the fuck its. You are your own master, not anyone else.

Take your life by the arm and lead it where you want it to go. Kicking and screaming if you have to. Don’t let the forces that be bring you down. You are mighty. Make it known.

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This. This needs to be read more.


You are the greatest supervillain the world has ever known, and your daughter is being bullied in kindergarten 


A typical isekai anime type story, but instead of protecting local villagers from goblins and falling in love with some elf girl the protagonist does EVERYTHING in their power to try and get back. Ignoring the world they were put in entirely


You find yourself abandoned in the middle of the desert. Sand as far as the eye can see. However, when you start walking, you notice the sand starts shifting, changing color, making the desert around you look more like a place that you are comforted in. You’ve heard about this desert, and a vague warning, but nothing more.


You wake up one day only to realise you’re stuck in a horror movie. With haunting screams coming from every direction, you’re lost and trying to run away. With every step you take in any direction the screams get louder. What you don’t know is you are the horror that people are trapped with.