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How do I submit a prompt?

Hey amigo! You can send in prompts on Tumblr or our subreddit:

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are you guys making any writing merch for the upcomming autism acceptance month? for all the austitic writers and artist out there who just want to bust the stereotype that we cant create?

Hey, two of my close friends have a mild form of autism. The one that draws in his free time is amazing at it! Is this really a stereotype? 😮

Can you say it? I haven't seen you say it in a long time??

Amigo <3

Unicorns, Apocalypse, and Walt Disney

They have made movies about it. Written books about it. We prepared for zombies: infected humans hellbent on destroying society from the inside out. We had it all wrong. Nobody ever suspected to see Walt Disney ride beside the four unicornmen of the apocalypse.

Math, happiness, boredom

You are a genius math professor that has life all figured out. Boredom seems to be your only friend. In order to serve the world, you have made it your life’s purpose to find the formula for happiness.

Basement, zombie, Winnie the Pooh

The zombie apocalypse is here and the world needs warriors to fight them. You have to explain to your mom why you secretly kept the world’s strongest warrior in the basement for more than twenty years: Winnie the Pooh.

Magical creatures + tumblr

The word ‘furry’ is a slur. ‘Furries’, are in fact magical creatures who find their home on Tumblr. It is advised to treat them with respect, for they wield very strong magic. Today, you insult one.

Magic Space Coward

The Cowards Who Possess Magic Council has selected you for a special mission: you have to bring peace to a planet 63 light years away from Earth using magic. As you fly through space, the unthinkable happens.

do you think that your blog will be affected by the new ban? do you support it?

I doubt this blog will be affected. Do I support it? No. The only good thing about this is that 99% of all the bots will be gone. The new guidelines mainly target porn. Smut, art of people kissing in bed etc is still allowed the way I interpret the guidelines, as long as you don’t draw dicks? Anyway, blogs are automatically deleted and SFW content gets flagged as sensitive by an algorithm? I think Tumblr is one of the first websites getting to experience what is yet to come: Article 13. All content aggregating websites will get this problem sooner or later.

*Interesting article: 


Only .1% of Tumblr’s porn is original content. All the rest is reuploaded by bots. 22.5% is a lot. But it’s very likely that a lot of that activity comes from bots. There are porn posts out there with 43k notes, all reblogs. What are the odds? (Flickr’s ratio seems a bit more realistic)

Anyway, it’s 3am, don’t really know where I am going with this so…


The bot purge worked too well amigo, it's all coming down now

@purgethebots can barely take any credit for this. Apple drove Tumblr into a corner by removing the app from the app store leaving Tumblr with two options. 1) not adjust to Apple’s rules, losing a: new sign-ups, and b: inability to update the app OR 2) comply with the rules but lose existing users. Continuity is key for any business so this is a logical choice. But they should have stated things are they are and not this bs.