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If you ever need to get rid of a dead body, lye will melt ever part of a human in just a few hours.. Just a tip.

Where has this tip been all my life? Wish you had told me yesterday

your content is getting better amigo!

Thanks, amigo (: 

Given how many anon haters you have slayed in the past I think it’s safe to say that you are indeed a serial killer

Not sure how to feel about this

Prompt guy is a serial killer, and all these murder-related prompts are just him telling his story

Person A and Person B is from another universe that have an alliance with Earth A is a housemaid that is tasked with taking care of a dog while B is a prince. One day the dog A suppose to be taking care of runs off and bites B while A is chasing it.

I love the prompt amigo! But we only accept prompts about serial killers. Does the housemaid happen to be one? 

I want it to end. I have had enough pain. I have suffered enough. Should I ?

I am Dutch so this might be too direct or straightforward, but no amigo. I won’t allow it. You ain’t gonna end anything today. You are not going to end things tomorrow and you are not going to end things 70 years from now. We are all suffering amigo. And I believe you are hurt as hell right now.

I think the problem we are having as people is that we do not share our vulnerabilities, our deepest feelings and emotions. We lack the ability to connect to one another on a deep and meaningful level. What I do know is that when you share those feelings, and someone else reciprocates, that’s when you make a profound connection. You will feel better. You will still suffer, but a lot less. You don’t suffer alone anymore. So amigo, we are going to suffer together. You and me. And through that suffering, we grow. It forces us to become stronger. It’s a lot easier together than alone amigo. So that’s why I want to call on all my amigos. I might not always be interacting with you amigos, but we got each other’s back. That’s what amigos are for.

So, if this anonymous amigo can reach out to you, leave a comment. And for now amigo, get some rest.

Are promp-guy and prompt-dude dating


just got trustzone and let me say: it’s so easy to set up it took me like 5 minutes. it was effortless and completely trustable, i recommend it to anyone looking into getting a vpn

I am a strong advocate for privacy so I am happy at least one of my amigos got a VPN. Trustzone is easy to use and cheap BUT their customer service needs some improvement imo

Alas amigo I cannot follow you to Instagram as I am tethered solely by the chains of tumblr; and such masters are unforgiving for those straying from the path of tumblr-ness and kitten discourse. However I forever remain your diligent amigo of the prompts here.

Amigo, trust me, that’s good. It’s better not to have an instragram account  honestly. But if one of you amigos already have one you are f’d and the only thing that could possible redeem of what is left of your soul is…just follow us, amigo. Make hell great again! 

Amigo! Say some good books,please!

Hey amigo, I am reading this at the moment. I think it’s good