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prompt 994

Words for describing a state less than full-out anger:






Taking umbrage





Put out










prompt 993

Every work of literature has both a situation and a story. The situation is the context or circumstance, sometimes the plot; the story is the emotional experience that preoccupies the writer: the insight, the wisdom, the thing one has come to say.

—Vivian Gornick, The Situation and the Story, the Art of Personal Narrative

prompt 991

Answer the following questions and then write about the creature that emerge from that exercise.

Forget Disney. You are making a mermaid or a siren. What type of mermaid is it? Are they pretty? Are they weird? How big are they? What color/s? Do they speak.

Sirens: what does their song sound like? What do they say? How do they capture you? What do they do once they capture you? Can they communicate with humans?

Let yourself go. Have fun!

prompt 990

I was going to read the news today, but I didn’t get a paper. Can you tell me what happened?

(Feel free to fictionalize this one, or not. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!)

prompt 989

Once you grow past Mommy and Daddy coming running when you’re hurt, you’re really on your own. You’re alone and there’s no one to help you.

                                                —Octavia E. Butler, author of Kindred

prompt 988

In olden times, a hope chest was a cedar chest in which you placed items you thought would be useful when you got married. Back then, this was for only women, but now, I think it could apply to everyone, regardless of gender, regardless of age. 

What would you put in your hope chest if you had one? (You can also use this as an exercise for one of your characters.)

prompt 987

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.

                                                           —Abraham Lincoln

prompt 979

Did you hear that?

It must have been the wind.

prompt 978

There was something about that first sip of the wine that took her to a special place. But then she took a second sip.

prompt 977

Write about a person with low body image who is obsessed with finding clothes that “fit right.” (Don’t assume that there is anything wrong with their actual body.)