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prompt 931

Choose a contentious topic and write a dialogue about it between two people, one of whom only speaks in short sentences, and one of whom only speaks in long sentences.

NanoWriMo 2017

To all of you who are doing Nano this year, don’t forget to search through our archives here at daily-prompts when you get stuck. We have lots of scene ideas for you, character development prompts, and MUCH more.

May the wind be at your back!


prompt 930

Write a list of your traits. Do this quickly. Include both big things and small, such as:

Fiercely loyal

Loves chocolate


Plays by the rules

Loves to win

Then sketch out a separate character for each one. What kind of character would best embody the trait? Have fun with this one and see what happens.

prompt 929

Here are five good reasons you should stay.

prompt 928

How did you get in here?

prompt 927

People don’t go there anymore.

prompt 926

Write two versions of a dialogue between two people, one of whom is continually diminishing the other person’s accomplishments (version 1), or continually building up the other person’s accomplishments. (Version 2).

prompt 925

While going through items in your parents’ attic, you find a piece of clothing that  was very important to you at one time. Write about it. What does it look like now versus back in its heyday? Why was it so important to you? Does finding it now help you with something in your current life?

prompt 924

That’s the kind of thing you don’t tell your husband.

(Feel free to customize this–wife, partner, coworkers, family, mother-in-law, banker, therapist, psycho ex-boyfriend, etc. Try a few different ones.)

prompt 923

Too bad you didn’t listen to me last week.