Category: Franz Xaver Von Schonwerth

They lived happily together, and they were carefree now that the mermaid no longer had any claim on them.

Since that time girls no longer swim in that lake.

No wonder they say that you should never tangle with a charcoal burner.

The royal couple lived happily ever after in peace, and they remained grateful all their lives to the miller’s wife as well as to the wood sprites.

He was declared king in his homeland and true heir to his wife’s fortune.

At the wedding, the fleas played the fiddle, the birds whistled tunes, and all creatures with feet, large and small, danced and leaped through the air.

They remain faithful to the customs from times past.

The girl agreed, and the two enjoyed a long and happy life together.

He packed his worldly belongings and left the region to seek his fortune as a tailor elsewhere.

The fine, melancholy sounds of the wind are their voices.