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“You don’t always realize it, but sometimes you aren’t in love with a person….

I know real magic when I feel it.

She grabs the car keys and we head outside.

My father and I have commenced work on our next refuge.

Alas, the human mind is far from almighty, and the mouse continues to dance its tango on the ceiling, never missing a beat and never putting a foot wrong, at night, in the family of the former engineer.

You might think, she reflected, that Hamish Macbeth was married already.

After all, in the course of his life two great things had happened to him: he had loved romantically, and he must have talked with Pascal.

And in the end the burgesses passed that remarkable law which is told of by traders in Hatheg and discussed by travelers in Nir; namely, that in Ulthar no man may kill a cat.

Engraved under Strike’s name were the words “Lucky to have known you.”

Striker sauntered down the hill to his crew.