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They call me mad too
because my curse is to heal
through remembering
everything you tried
to make me forget.

Who would have thought that a mere
shoemaker’s son would go on to become
Ja’far, the Sultan’s most trusted vizier.

Just Badroulbadour,
princess turned paramedic,
the Sultan’s brave and only daughter.

Now do it justice.

Open sesame.

My Fairy Godmother is my heart sustaining me.

She placed her trust in these little things
to keep her alive,
and this was how Cinderella survived.

Stand up for your own human dignity and roar.

So when you tell the story of Red Riding Hood, remember this too:
Her mother told her
she could grow up to be
anything she wanted to be,
so she grew up to become
the strongest of the strong,
the strangest of the strange,
the wildest of the wild,
the wolf leading the wolves.

We have all taken turns
being Red Riding Hood
and we have all been the wolf.