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What is the final sentence of the most recent book/poem/short story you’ve finished? Check our Title Index and if it isn’t listed there, submit it here!

“Like dry leaves in Autumn, I will burn every memory you left me with.”xoxlivia

You loved the thunder but couldn’t handle the storm.greektemper

Murmur, murmur goes da little stream of voices forever und ever.

My words already move beyond this life, and I race to catch up with them.

Well, a happy house was worth a seat, especially in view of what had happened when they tried to take the damn thing away…

and every morning i will tell you that you are beautiful, because one morning you will believe me

“It’s unexplainable, how you and I are so different, yet no one could ever still be comparable…

But they were too strong for him and, in the end, he had to throw them whole into the fire. They took a long time to burn, each separate sheet charring and curling as the ink faded so that, at last, his own verses shone up at him, silver on black, obstinately refusing to die, and he could not even grasp the poker to beat them into dust.

A lantern glowing in the dark.