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Our new book, Brave the Page, is now available to order! Here’s a suggested writing exercise from author Marissa Meyer’s pep talk:

“Write down the things that you already love about your story. Are you enamored with the unique fantasy setting? The devious villain? The star-crossed romance? What is it about this story that makes your fingers itch to get to the keyboard?”

—Marissa Meyer, Brave the Page pep talk author

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Just one week until our new book, Brave the Page, comes out! Here’s a snippet from author Jason Reynolds’ introduction.

“See, I know a little (just a little) about writing novels, and what I can tell you is that the process is just like moving from one home to the next. Your character are your boxes… Your job is to take them from a familiar place, a place where they feel they belong, and get them to the truck.”

—Jason Reynolds,
Brave the Page Pep Talk author 

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“There are days when you feel like the pain is crushing your whole body. And am not talking…

“I think admitting we weren’t in love with each other helped us.
That doesn’t mean I don’t…

“I was your storm.
What you always were afraid of doing,
I brought those moments to you,

“Serenity in eyes.
Wildness in bones.” – Armaan . Wild Gentleman / Deep into Love

“She is like a soft autumn breeze in the late afternoon, everything she touches is stirred,…

“i am so loud when i threaten to leave. i will pace around the room stomping my feet and shout…

“There’s emptiness in my chest and I don’t know what to fill it with now that you are…

“While sitting at a spot in the midst of a war
That looks alluring from the other side