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When a person dies, they reincarnate into the creature they’ve killed the most in their life. But this is not the tale of people trying to influence what they’ll reincarnate into.

This is the story of one person’s quest to figure out how the hell they ended up reincarnating into a ruler of the Fay court.

At a ball, a princess falls in love with the prince of a far-off kingdom and goes on a journey to find him again. But when she reaches the kingdom, all she finds is centuries-old ruins.

If sunsets symbolize an end, and sunrises symbolize a beginning, what happens at night?

Two alien species decided to invade earth, unbeknownst to the other. To better understand their enemy (humans), they both send undercover agents disguised as people in an attempt to better understand earth culture. Describe the hilarity that ensues when the two aliens end up as roommates and must convince the other that they are, in fact, a “Normal Human.”

You have the gift of seeing angels. Two things to note: one, they look more monstrous than “angelic,” and two; they gush all over us because they think we are the cutest beings ever.

Everyone has a red wire tied to their finger that leads to their soulmate. Today, you had to cut the wire.

You’re a stoner. You do it because you’re sad and lonely. However one day, your mind imagines this person to help you get by. Said person really is just a thief that only comes in when you’re stoned, but you’re too dumb to notice that..

You wake up, it’s dark. Your apartment is freezing. You remove the blankets off from on top of you and a shock wave of cold zips up your spine. You look out your window and see it… just… there looking at you.

You wake up in hell with no recollection of how you got there. However, instead of being tortured, you are given your life back in exchange for rounding up souls that have escaped.

What if there were 4 Grim Reapers and each one was a season? What do each of the reapers act like when you die in their season and what is their job when it’s not their season?