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You’re the Japanese Emperor, eons into the future. You’ve grown up on the story of Princess Kaguya and specifically found it stupid that the prince would waste the elixir of immortality by throwing it into a volcano. One day, as you’re on your deathbed, you request to see Mt. Fuji again. Once you get there, you jump into the mouth of the mountain. The next day, at your funeral, you burst through the doors, triumphantly, in burnt clothes and looking young again.

You’re a supervillain with a loving family.

You finally take a few days off from work to have some fun with your spouse and kids, but when you encounter your superhero nemesis during a family trip to the park they (the hero) insist, that you continue your fight from the days before.

They’re not aware that you have loved ones who know of and accept your… unusual occupation.

How do you resolve the situation without having to fight or exposing your loved ones to the kind of hero who’d do “anything to ensure justice”, even if it meant using people as leverage against you?

You say the ghost’s name three times in the mirror. The lights go out. A terrible face appears in the glass. It looks at you. It smiles, shocked. “Oh my god! Hey! I haven’t seen you since high school! How’s it going?”

You work at a hospital. One day, a space alien limps in, injured.

Every night, you have the same dream. Today, you have the feeling that it might come true–and you don’t know if that’s good or bad.

“Okay, but you know this is a trap, right? Because this definitely feels like a trap to me.”

“Satan take the wheel I need to shoot these unicorns!”

The skeleton war is an annual thing that has shocked no one for a long time. But this time the skeletons are back with ghosts, demons, and other nightmarish creatures. Behold there is no more skeleton war. There is only the Supernatural war

You were given exactly one wish. You, being a fairly lonely person, wished that people would like you. You got your wish, but there was a catch.

Everyone likes you, but no one will ever love you.

You live in a world where kids can learn one magical ability before the age of 16. Your parents have just enrolled you in a flight school. On the first day, you are brought to the edge of space and dropped. You must learn to fly before you hit the ground.