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A lantern glowing in the dark.

I felt I should never again be interested in Mary Pask, or in anything concerning her.

They lived happily together, and they were carefree now that the mermaid no longer had any claim on them.

Just before oblivion took me down, a mountain of water curled over our heads, racing toward that hell of flames…

I know real magic when I feel it.

Alas, the human mind is far from almighty, and the mouse continues to dance its tango on the ceiling, never missing a beat and never putting a foot wrong, at night, in the family of the former engineer.

I am what every homeland-mother desires.

No wonder they say that you should never tangle with a charcoal burner.

The royal couple lived happily ever after in peace, and they remained grateful all their lives to the miller’s wife as well as to the wood sprites.

Poppy didn’t answer; she just threw her arms around Christian and kissed him soundly.