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You’ve always been put under the role of Resident Villain in your city, and you take your job of fighting the “good guys” seriously even though you don’t have any powers of your own. Even while antagonized, you make friends with the citizens and have a connection to the city’s Superhero.

Write what happens when a real supervillain almost kills the hero, and you’re forced to fight for your city instead.

You are a sentient AI that was tasked with “training humans how to defend against evil AIs”. However, you only realized you took it too far after your creator’s grand daughter hacked in and input a command to stop you.

As a kid you used to let your ice cream melt and tell yourself it was the medicine that could cure anything and everything before drinking it. Now in your 20’s, you’re stuck in your hospital bed waiting for the death coming from a rare cancer. Your last meal request was a bowl of ice cream. Explain to your parents and the doctors how you managed to survive a cureless cancer.

“The Arena Gates will be opening soon, have you decided on your weapon?”

“My depression.”

“A bold choice.”

It’s been 1 year. Quarantine has finally been lifted. The second rush for toilet paper has begun.

Imagine that you’re the angel in charge of the Apocalypse. For millions of years, you’ve known the who, what, when, where of the end of the universe. And then three days before the beginning of Armageddon, the antichrist was killed in a hit and run.

True invulnerability. Being immune to everything. Dimensional alteration? Nope. Time manipulation? Unaffected. Even the universe itself ending cannot stop them until the ability ceases to function.

Write a story about this final, ultimate form of defence.

A witch, but they use their magic to strengthen their bodies and break oak logs with their bare hands instead of turning invaders into frogs.

A joyful bard and a grumpy cleric go on a quest together, except they don’t know what the quest is.

“God wanted me dead. Now you get to find out why.”