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Prompt #354

The evening sun is falling on their face and she thinks maybe, just maybe she is a little bit in love with them.

Prompt #353

That thing she is feeling is wonderful and sinful and perfect and a complete and utter disaster.

Prompt #351

“I could kiss you right now!”
“You’re very welcome to do it.”

Prompt #350

Not going to lie to you, we’re all going to die. But not today.

Prompt #349

She was a warrior and he was a dreamer. She was the brain and the brawn and he was the heart.

Prompt #348

They were not supposed to be alive – but here they were, living and breathing.

Prompt # 347: Quotes (51)

I had all the answers, now the questions have

Prompt #346

Practice makes perfect they say. And she was quite the master.