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prompt 1016

How to Write

A great way to get yourself in the right frame of mind for writing is to read poetry, and it’s also a great way to focus your attention on word choice and improve the quality of your writing. Here, I’ve made it easy for you!

You Take My Hand
Margaret Atwood

You take my hand and
I’m suddenly in a bad movie,
it goes on and on and
why am I fascinated

We waltz in slow motion
through an air stale with aphorisms
we meet behind endless potted palms
you climb through the wrong windows

Other people are leaving
but I always stay till the end
I paid my money, I
want to see what happens.

In chance bathtubs I have to
peel you off me
in the form of smoke and melted

Have to face it I’m
finally an addict,
the smell of popcorn and worn plush
lingers for weeks

prompt 1015

You’ve moved into an older neighborhood and the first day after the move, a neighbor knocks on your door with a complaint about how you are parking your car. This is obviously a very difficult person. Write the dialogue about the complaint and then sketch out a plan for making friends with this neighbor.

prompt 1014

It’s been years since the last time we were together.

prompt 1013

The first thing you have to do is go around the house and look for places where they tried to get in.

If you’re doing Nanowrimo . . .

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Good luck and happy writing!

prompt 1012

Write a Halloween-themed response to this quote from JK Rowling:

Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

prompt 1011

Just because you can’t hear them doesn’t mean they aren’t still here.

prompt 1010

Words associated with approval:




















Green light

prompt 1009

Add this to the bottom of whatever you are currently working on, and see what happens:

Suddenly, a scream rang out.

prompt 1008

Write a dialog in which this line appears:

You have to decide whether you want the illusion or the reality. You can’t have both.