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What if there were 4 Grim Reapers and each one was a season? What do each of the reapers act like when you die in their season and what is their job when it’s not their season?

You have always thought of books as horrible, evil things designed to let the peasants believe they can move above their station. You jumped at the chance to attend a book burning held by your King/Queen in their palace courtyard. The fire has just been extinguished and the thousands of books reduced to ashes, but you feel only sadness and grief and confusion. Why?

“Wha- really? This is the seventh time you’ve resurrected me this week. Can’t you just let me die honorably in battle?”

Pillars of thousands and thousands of empty pizza boxes stack on top of each other into oblivion. Machines that have blood stains on them along with body parts lay about seemingly randomly, and the ground is covered with newspapers, books and fungi. You blink repeatedly and look around confusedly, seeing the black horizon of the void until you are greeted by a homeless man wearing a teddy bear as a crown. “Oh, hello. Did you fall from Death’s hands? All immortals have to wind up somewhere.” He cheekily smiled, sending shivers down your spine and to the core of your bones.

You are a supernatural being who has spent the last thousand or so years going between heaven and hell, doing missions for both (miracles, soul catching, paperwork, etc.) Now, you have been asked by both groups separately to find and deliver information from the other side. The reward to both is the same- join them in their afterlife.

Long ago, you sold your soul to a demon and became undead for the purpose of seeking revenge for your tragic life. It has taken a grueling century to track down and kill all of your enemies, but you have finally accomplished your goal. Only the demon who owns your soul hasn’t come to devour you or drag you to hell or anything. He also hasn’t cut off your power. It turns out he’s since retired and is now a stay at home dad to a two year old daughter. You technically still belong to him, but he has no intension of taking your soul now. So, after a life without autonomy and a century of singleminded vengence,you find yourself faced with a question that’s never before been so open-ended: What now?

You’re the most feared supervillian in the area and not to long ago, a new superhero showed up claiming to stop you. Intrigued by your nemesis, you do a bit of research about them and find two things. One, they’re a kid. Two, they’re in the foster system. Explain in detial on how you adopted your nemesis into your family.

A werewolf and vampire try and disguise themselves as humans in a busy city, but to even their own surprise, they’re doing a decent job at it. From blood that looks like strawberry juice to a “dog” that is really just a werewolf taking a day off, describing a typically normal day of the supernatural duo.

You obtain the Legendary magic lamp of Aladdin and rub it, expecting to summon the great and powerful genie inside. Who you are met with, however, are three genies; two brothers and a sister, all triplets. The eldest brother grants riches, the sister genie grants glamour, and the youngest brother grants abilities. The rules are all the same; you can’t wish for more wishes, you can’t wish someone dead or to return from the dead, and you can’t wish for someone to do something against their free will, such as falling in love. (Yes, that includes hypnosis.)

However, whenever you make a wish, the triplets end up bickering about the implications of what you want. This is going to be a long three wishes…

You’re the most notorious supervillain in the whole city, and you’ve got your goody-two-shoes superhero rival trapped in your lair of solitude and maniacal brooding. But your arch nemesis has a fatal trick up their sleeve, something you were never expecting but are now dreading; They’re flirting with you.